No roaming charges for U Mobile customers in Singapore

Posted by MyBroadbandNews On Thursday, August 04, 2011

U Mobile and Starhub are now offering zero roaming charges between Malaysia and Singapore.

Starting this August 3rd, U Mobile prepaid subscribers in Singapore can roam on Starhub network for free and only be charged at local rates.

When making local calls in Singapore, U Mobile subscribers will be charged call rates of RM0.55 per minute versus RM1.35 per minute to RM1.60 per minute charged by other telco service providers in the market.

U Mobile subscribers do not even have to register again as the service will be pre-activated once they enter Singapore. They will be charged StarHub’s local rates for calling and texting, including local calls and SMS to Singapore numbers as well as calls and SMS back to Malaysia.

Whether feature phones or Smart Phones, customers will get up to 50 to 80 percent savings in data roaming depending on the usage pattern.

source: Mobile World


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